A gallery of simulation results related to microstructure formation in steel
(to be completed)

dendr_fe_c_mn Dendritic growth and grain selection during directional solidification of a ternary Fe-C-Mn alloy. Besides dendritic growth and grain selection, the peritectic reaction from delta-ferrite to gamma-austenite can be identified. Colour bars from left to right denote the concentration of C and Mn and the delta, gamma and liquid phases, respectively (ACCESS 2003, unpublished)
linescancrossdiffusion1 Effects of cross diffusion in steel. A line scan (left) taken from the individual element mappings (right) reveals an obvious shift of the phosphorous peak as compared to the segregation profile of  Mn and Si.
Peritectic reaction: Ferrite + Liquid  reacting to Austenite
Clearly visible in experimental cross-section and in simulation is the austenite rim surrounding the primary ferrite