A gallery of simulation results for  Magnesium alloys
(to be completed)

Equiaxed growth of Mg-Al dendrites
(J.Eiken, 2006, unpublished)

Simulation of the ternary alloy Mg-3wt%Al-1wt%Zn
solidifying in a temperature gradient of 10 K/mm
at a cooling rate of -1,5 K/s.
The simulated region is about 2.4mm by 2.4 mm

The simulated alloy represents
the ternary basis of the commercial AZ 31 alloy.

Clearly visible are:

  • dendritic growth of the hcp phase
  • hexagonal anisotropy identified from 60° angles
  • 3 different crystal orientations colour coded 0°, -15°, -30°
  • grain selection
( B. Böttger et al.:  "Controlling Microstructure in Magnesium alloy: A combined thermodynamic, experimental and simulation approach"  Advanced Engineering Materials 8 4 (2006)241 )
3D Dendrites in Mg 6wt% Al
3D-Dendrite tips in Mg 6wt% All

3D simulation of dendrites in Mg 6wt% Al.  Simulations are based on an explorative version of MICRESS comprising special features for anisotropy. 3D visualisation is based on a VTK format being suitable for freeware tools like e.g. paraview from Kitware (J.Eiken, ACCESS, 2008, unpublished)