MICRESS examples


This site comprises results of MICRESS simulations being performed on various topics. The respective results can be viewed and explored by downloading and using the free visualisation tool DisplayMICRESS. An overview about the MICRESS features being used in these examples is given here.

The individual examples are stored as .zip archives for the different operating systems and comprise a variety of topics like


dendritic solidification                       

Example 1:
dendritic solidification /  peritectic reaction in Fe-C-Mn        
Example 2:
equiaxed  solidification  of multiple Al-Cu  grains
Example 3:
equiaxed  solidification  of a single Al-Cu  grain

Dendrite AlSi_3D

eutectic solidification

Example 4:
eutectic solidification ( including TQ-coupling)

multicomponent solidification

Example 5:
segregation in Fe-C-Mn-P-Si (one dimension)
Example 6:
segregation in Fe-C-Mn-P-Si (two dimensions)

Example 13:

Solidification of superalloy CMSX4

Ostwald ripening

Example 7:
ripening ( including TQ-coupling)


Example 8:
mesoscopic recrystallisation of few grains
Example 9:
growth dynamics of subcells
Example 10:
mesoscopic recrystallisation of many grains






grain growth

Example 11:
normal, isotropic grain growth
Example 12:
grain growth with particle pinning

Example 13:
grain growth with solute drag

and dG dependant

Example 18:
3 dimensional grain growth in vtk format

solid state transformation

Example 14:
gamma-alpha transition
Example 15:
gamma-alpha transition with TQ-coupling

gamma-alpha paraequilibrium

gamma-alpha paraequilibrium with TQ

gamma-alpha-cementite (linearized TQ)

gamma-alpha-cementite (TQ)

gamma-alpha-pearlite (TQ)

stress coupling

Example 16:
simple arrangement  of a particle in a matrix
Example 17:
gamma-alpha transition with stress coupling

flow coupling



Dendrite AlSi 3D flow


....more to come....


We will be pleased to include any of your own MICRESS  results you consider as instructive for others. Please mail a zip-archive for inclusion into this page.