Gallery of Simulation Results

This page gives you an impression of general phenomena occurring during microstructure evolution,
such as Dendritic growth, peritectic reactions, eutectic solidification, recrystallization and grain growth and finally solid state transformations.

Pictures of specific simulation results are also available for the following alloy systems:
Iron and Steel
Aluminium alloys
Magnesium alloys

dendritic growth, peritectic reaction

Dendritic growth and grain selection during
directional solidification of a ternary Fe-C-Mn alloy. As well as dendritic growth and grain selection, the peritectic reaction from delta-ferrite to gamma-austenite is identifiable. Colour bars from left to right denote the concentration of C and Mn and the delta, gamma and liquid phases, respectively
(ACCESS 2003, unpublished)
Dendritic growth and grain selection during directional solidification  in 2 and 3 dimensions.
 Left: Solidification of delta-ferrite (J. Tiaden and U. Grafe in “Proceedings of the International
Conference on solid-solid phase transformations”, 1999, Kyoto)
Right: Array of dendrites during laser beam welding of AlSi1,2.
(H.J. Diepers et al. in “Strahltechnik“, BIAS, Bremen 2001)

Ta_W_distribution Distribution of alloy elements in a dendritically
solidified five component superalloy.
Left: MICRESS results for tungsten compared
to experimentally determined EDX element mapping.
Right: distribution of tantalum.
The other elements are treated accordingly.
(N. Warnken et al.: MCWASP 2003)



Calculated fibrous eutectic microstructure in a binary alloy (left) and the corresponding actual structure (right) (see M.Apel et al.,
 Journal of Crystal Growth 237-239 (2002) p. 154-158)


Eutectic solidification in the ternary Al-Ag-Cu System in
two dimensions (left) and three dimensions (right)
and in an experimental cross section (below)
(M. Apel et al. MCWASP 2003)


Coupled growth in the ternary eutectic AlAg5Cu24.5
in planar front growth conditions revealing instabilities (top)
and in cellular
growth conditions ("eutectic cells") (below)



nucleation at triple linesgrowth_1_triple
3D Simulation of ferrite nucleation and growth during the gamma-alpha transition.
Nucleation of ferrite (red) starts at the quadruple points of the intersecting triple-lines (light grey).