MICRESS® versions and modules

The following packages are available for MICRESS®  :


MICRESS® - education

This module is provided to acquaint students with the basic principles of simulation of microstructure formation.

It is a limited version of the basic MICRESS®- research module and enables the calculation of phase transitions involving up to 3 alloy components. This module is licensed on an annual basis only and further MICRESS® modules cannot be added.


MICRESS® - academic

The MICRESS® - academic module provides the same functionalities as the basic MICRESS®- research module detailed below. It is provided at special conditions to universities only and its use is limited to academic/public research.


MICRESS® - research

The basic module of the software is especially provided for universities and small research centers for their own research or for consultancy. It comprises a multi-phase-field solver coupled to solute and temperature diffusion with input of linearized phase diagrams. Microstructure evolution in systems involving an arbitrary number of components is possible. Special drag models for interface migration and a recrystallization module are included for the description of solid state transformations.


MICRESS® - professional

is reserved for industrial customers. This version comprises direct coupling to commercially available thermodynamic datasets provided in the . ges5 format by Thermo-Calc.  Support is provided for establishing a driving file adapted to a problem selected by the customer.

The following MICRESS® modules are optional:


MICRESS® - TQ interface

enables direct coupling to commercially available thermodynamic datasets and diffusion data provided in the .ges5 format by Thermo-Calc. This interface is included in the MICRESS® professional edition.


MICRESS® - elastic module

enables calculation of elastic stresses and strains within the microstructure. Elastically driven phase transitions can also be tackled using this module.


"DisplayMICRESS"  - the postprocessing toolbox  -

enables detailed interpretation of simulation results and a direct comparison to experimental data. This freely available toolbox comprises  

All MICRESS® modules are available with English, German or French language options starting from 10 simultaneous users/jobs as server version for a range of different operating systems. The modules include a users manual and a number of example files.



MICRESS® is available for the following system configurations on IA-32 or Intel 64 compatible hardware

(minimum 512 MB RAM and a fast CPU recommended)