MICRESS interface to MuPIF platform

A reliable multi-scale/multi-physics numerical modeling requires including all relevant physical phenomena along the process chain and multiple scales. A pragmatic approach lies in combining existing tools, to build a customized simulation scenario. In order to achieve such a modular approach a multi-physics integration framework, called MuPIF (http://mech.fsv.cvut.cz/mupif) has been used, which provides an underlying infrastructure enabling high-level data exchange and steering of individual applications. The approach followed in MuPIF is based on a system of distributed, interacting objects, representing individual models (applications) but also the data, such as fields and properties. The abstract interfaces are defined for each entity class, allowing manipulating any derived class using common services from abstract interface, without being concerned with the implementation details of an individual software component. The platform is fully distributed, allowing executing simulation scenarios involving remote applications and data sources.

The MICRESS interface to MuPIF platform has been developed in the frame of MMP (Multiscale Modelling Platform: Smart design of nano-enabled products in green technologies) project http://mmp-project.eu to model CIGS process optimization.