..the 3rd  International Conference on





Scope of the Conference


The conference is a forum to discuss recent progress in the area of solidification science and engineering spanning fundamental research as well as practical aspects of casting and advanced foundry research. The aim of the conference is to bring together physical metallurgists, physicists, mathematicians, foundry and mechanical engineers to discuss all aspects of the multi-disciplinary field of solidification processes.

The conference shall be a forum of presentation and discussion of a wide range of topics including, but not limited to,


Fundamental and applied solidification


o   Micro-, macrosegregation; thermosolutal convection

o   Microstructure evolution and phase formation

o   Defects in casting

o   Foams and composites

o   Single crystal growth

o   Grain growth

o   Nucleation and grain refinement

o   Solidification kinetics


Numerical simulation and modeling of solidification processes on all scales (nano to macro) using known techniques, combinations of them or new ones


Thermophysical properties and phase diagrams

o   Thermodynamic data measurement

o   Thermophysical properties of alloys


Advanced processing techniques

o   Rapid solidification

o   Semi-solid processing

o   Microgravity and centrifugal casting

o   Near net-shape casting

o   Rheocasting

o   Continuous casting

o   Solidification with electromagnetic forces

o   Solidification with melt flow


Innovative diagnostic tools

o   Light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy

o   X-ray computer tomography

o   In-situ diagnostics


Papers presented at the conference will be peer reviewed and published in the IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering.