All contributors (oral and poster) were invited to submit their results in form of a regular paper. The collected papers related to the symposium with a foreword of the organizers have been published in the IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (MSE).


The proceedings of this conference can be viewed and downloaded for free here



Submitted manuscripts were subject to a regular peer review process according to the IOP guidelines. Contributions were made to the following topics:


Fundamental and applied solidification


o   Micro-, macrosegregation; thermosolutal convection

o   Microstructure evolution and phase formation

o   Defects in casting

o   Foams and composites

o   Single crystal growth

o   Grain growth

o   Nucleation and grain refinement

o   Solidification kinetics


Numerical simulation and modeling of solidification processes

on all scales (nano to macro) using known techniques,

combinations of them or new ones


Thermophysical properties and phase diagrams


o   Thermodynamic data measurement

o   Thermophysical properties of alloys


Advanced processing techniques


o   Rapid solidification

o   Semi-solid processing

o   Microgravity and centrifugal casting

o   Near net-shape casting

o   Rheocasting

o   Continuous casting

o   Solidification with electromagnetic forces

o   Solidification with melt flow


Innovative diagnostic tools


o   Light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy

o   X-ray computer tomography

o   In-situ diagnostics