ICMEg - 1

1st International Workshop on Software Solutions for

 Integrated Computational Materials Engineering


Contributions, which should particularly emphasize options and needs for interaction with other models at the same scale and/or across the scales, were sought especially in following areas:


·       Process models at the component scale: component design, mould filling, casting, forming, joining, thermomechanical treatments, machining,….

·       Microstructure simulations: phase-field, cellular automata, precipitation modeling, crystal plasticity models, use of experimentally determined microstructures, microstructure databases, synthetic microstructures,…

·       Determination of effective properties from microstructures: mathematical homogenization, volume averaging, virtual testing,…

·       Thermodynamic and kinetic models and databases

·       Discrete models (electronic, atomistic, mesoscopic): ab-initio, molecular dynamics, DFT,….

·       Numerical methods: meshing/remeshing, solver strategies, visualisation/post processing, …

·       Simulation platform approaches: control and steering of different software tools, distributed simulations



The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.


The organizers are further pleased to provide pdf copies of several of the contributions which were provided by the authors of the presentations. These pdf’s have been summarized according to the workshop schedule.


The pdf’s of the available presentations can be downloaded here


Eventually, the results of this workshop will be summarized in a “Handbook of Software Solutions for ICME” which will be published as a book being edited by G.J.Schmitz and U. Prahl. Any contributor to the workshop is strongly encouraged to contribute to this book and to contact the editors for more details. There will be NO dedicated proceedings for this workshop.