ICMEg - 1

1st International Workshop on Software Solutions for

Integrated Computational Materials Engineering


Integrated Computational Materials Engineering - ICME - by its nature draws on the combination and the simultaneous or consecutive use of a variety of software tools. This workshop shall convene academic and commercial software providers as well as industrial and scientific users of ICME type simulation approaches. The workshop represents the first step towards defining a global and open standard for information exchange between the huge and heterogeneous variety of state of the art models. It is thus also particularly suited for young scientist and engineers seeking a thematically structured overview of modern simulation tools.

By now the major developments in the area of ICME have successfully been driven essentially by academic and industrial users of simulation software:


Beschreibung: ICME_2013.jpg


In spite of ICME currently emerging as a new and powerful discipline, coupling of different software tools is however still in its infancy and represents an issue consuming significant effort in terms of time and workforce if a coupling is realized at all. ICMEg the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering expert group a coordination activity of the European Commission acting as organizer of the workshop aims at developing a global open standard for information exchange between the heterogeneous varieties of numerous simulation tools. Once being established, such an open and easily accessible formulation of a global standard will:


        significantly facilitate the exchange of data between different tools

        create new options and functionalities of the present tools

        allow for easy integration between commercial and academic approaches and models

        provide the pathway for life-cycle modeling of components/products

        allow for global optimisation of process chains instead of individually optimized models

        stimulate many further new developments


Scopes of this first ICMEg workshop are:


        to convene and to network software providers/developers both commercial and academic being interested in providing their solutions to the growing ICME community

        to create awareness about solutions and models presently being available along all processing steps and across all scales

        to generate a comprehensive overview and a thematically structured inventory of such software solutions

        to identify options emerging for individual codes by coupling them to other models/tools

        to identify needs for model functionalities up-stream the process chains on the basis of requirements by models downstream the value chain

        to discuss necessary steps to create a global and open standard for information exchange between different models/tools

        to outline a first concept for such a standard


The workshop will especially provide cross sectional sessions promoting the interaction, networking and discussion between different areas such as:


        Process Modelling meets Numerical Methods

        Microstructure meets Thermodynamics

        Thermodynamics meets discrete models

        Microstructure meets Process modelling

        Microstructure meets discrete models

        Process modelling meets Thermodynamics



You are cordially invited to submit abstracts for contributions, which should particularly emphasize options and needs for interaction with other models at the same scale and/or across the scales,