Who is allowed to post in Micress Forum???

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Who is allowed to post in Micress Forum???

Post by deepumaj1 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:16 am

Hi Micress Forum Members,
This topic is just to inform you that you are allowed to reply to other's queries in this forum. Sometimes I see that a new query posted by someone gets 'views' but no one takes the time or risk (I suppose ;) ) to reply to the query, except the micress team members or a forum member (in very few cases). This post is to encourage you to actively participate in the discussions here. Please do make an attempt to give your opinion when someone posts something in this forum. You need not worry if your opinion is right or wrong or 'stupid :roll: '. Even experts can be some times wrong or stupid ;) . You can participate in the discussions here, even if you don't have an active micress license at present :P . After all, this is 'Micress Forum' and not 'Micress Technical Support Service'. Looking forward to your active micress forum participation. Do remember to 'subscribe' to all the topics in the forum so that you get notified when someone posts something new.

From a Micress Forum Member....

@Micress team and active forum participants: Please excuse. This message is not for you (unless I said something wrong here :) )


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Re: Who is allowed to post in Micress Forum???

Post by Bernd » Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:32 am

Hi all,

I fully support the view of Deepu: There is no requirement to have a MICRESS license, or to be entitled as "MICRESS expert" to be allowed to post or to answer to other posts in the MICRESS Forum. The MICRESS team is looking forward to any discussion among forum members as long as it is somehow related to the MICRESS software, to the phase-field method, or to microstructure modelling.
The only requirement is to be registered in this forum (otherwise, the MICRESS forum would be rapidly spammed by bots :shock: ). Users can participate "anonymously", only the forum administrator can know the e-mail address and the IP of the computer used for the registration process. Of course, you can also reveal your real name.


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