Second  Symposium on

Phase-field Modelling in Materials Science

 Aachen, Germany; August 30th - September 2nd 2009


Chairmen: Ingo Steinbach and Long-Qing Chen


Ten years ago a "First Workshop on Phase-Field Modelling in Materials Science" took place at Rolduc Abbey. In the meantime the phase field method has evolved as a general tool for the investigation of microstructure evolution in materials science. Being based on fundamental aspects of phase‑transitions and incorporating rigorous mathematical asymptotics it is applicable to a wide range of microstructural phenomena from solidification and solid state transformations to multiphase flow and self organization in biological systems. New applications, like the calculation of disclocation movement, and new variants, like the phase-field crystal, have emerged. Also numerical schemes and the level of sophistication have shown a continuous and rapid progress in the last decade.


Scopes of this symposium thus are:

-    bringing together scientists being active in developing phase-field models

-    acquainting leading experts in phase‑field research with scientists and engineers working in applied materials science

-    reviewing the developments of the phase field concept and defining its actual state

-    identifying potential pathways for future developments and applications

-    identifying interests of materials scientists/engineers and discussion how to meet their tasks using the phase field approach.