2nd Symposium on

Phase-field Modelling in Materials Science



Following Awards have been presented to excellent contributions being presented at the Symposium:



Michael Fleck from Forschungszentrum Jülich

for their contribution:

“Pattern Formation during Diffusion limited transformations in solids”

(M.Fleck,C.Hüter,D.Pilipenko, R.Spatschek and E.A.Brener)



Sina Shahandeh from University of British Columbia, Vancouver

for their contribution:

“Modelling of Grain Boundary-Particle Interaction using Multi-Phase-Field Formulation”

(S.Shahandeh, M.Militzer)



Nils Warnken from University of Birmingham

for their contribution:

“Applications of the Phase-Field Method to Simulations in Superalloy Processing”

(N.Warnken, R.C.Reed)


All contributors (oral and poster) are invited to submit their results in form of a regular paper. The collected papers related to the symposium with a foreword of the organizers will be published in a special issue of International Journal for Materials Research (Zeitschrift für Metallkunde). The manuscripts shall be prepared along the guidelines of IJMR and be submitted through the web site of the journal indicating the connection to the symposium.  Deadline for submission is September 30th 2009. The manuscripts will undergo a regular review process by the members of the scientific committee. Please, submit your paper at the following URL:




If you have not previously submitted a paper to IJMR you will have to register yourself first.

Please, follow the instructions on the website when submitting the paper. There are some important things, though, that should be followed for the pf09 special issue:


·        on the page “Select Article Type”, please select “Special Issue pf09”

·        on the page “Select Section / Category”, please select “Special Issue pf09 (Prof. Steinbach)”.


Contributions are sought to the following topics: